Poor Heather: The Blog Post


By Jeff Moss, “Richie Tenenbaum” & Mihir Bhatnagar
November 26, 2015

Ever since longtime Detroit sports talk radio update guy Matt Dery left 97.1 to become a host of his own show on the ratings disaster known as Detroit Sports 105.1, we have had a running bit on Twitter regarding his constant flow of photographs with attractive women.

It seemed to have started when the desperate sports talk station started running a totally hackneyed weekly gimmick during football season where some cute local “celebrity” female would come into the studio to make football selections.

I guess it was either this cliched bit or a weekly “What’s Your Favorite Hamburger Joint in Detroit?” segment and extremely creepy 105.1 producer Tom Mazawey must have figured having women come in to make picks would somehow arouse him. Not that the man who wants to “unwind your kids” for a fee has never ogled a Red Coat Tavern cheeseburger.

(This Week’s DSR Podcast)

Anyway, whenever Dery or the personal concierge Mazawey would Tweet out these douchey photos of “The Deez” with one of his special lady friends, I would ReTweet with the tagline of “Poor Heather.”

Heather being Dery’s second wife (pictured above) after he divorced his first bride, Lisa.

I never gave much thought to the “Poor Heather” Tweets until recently when this bizarre behavior became a topic of conversation on the DSR Forums and the sheer volume of these Dery pics was exposed.


Because, here’s the thing …… there is NO WAY any of these women give a shit about getting a picture with MATT DERY. He’s a nobody they’ve never heard of – and they SHOULDN’T know who he is. So he, or someone on his behalf, is initiating these poses for photos. Which is so fucking pathetic.

I mean, we are talking about an extremely LOW-rated sports talk show host, not Brad Pitt or Benedict Cumberpatch here. This isn’t the Howard Stern show where “broads” like Jillian Barberie are dying for a photo-op on the King of All Media’s sofa.

No. THIS IS MATT DERY, people!!!!

And if you think I am overreacting to the number of these photos Dery has taken with random waitresses, “Ticket Girls” and local Q-List media members, I am about to inundate you with just SOME of the snapshots we found on social media of this slimy behavior.



12239739_10153490335444934_2852244850033436412_n12246684_10153490336784934_8994444034400383959_n 12249641_10153490335314934_3937928743514530025_n 12249728_10153490336829934_2085776883041170080_n 12249870_10153490335674934_7069760305385389845_n 12250015_10153490336809934_6541972094144314823_n 12274656_10153490336054934_1082224963760920890_n 12274670_10153490335254934_6164850216527151254_n 12278624_10153490335284934_416478815685018072_n 12278838_10153490336134934_9071263573117285516_n 12278865_10153490336564934_6223379740633080688_n 12279017_10153490335789934_962168005794249914_n 12279023_10153490335364934_331281033256711921_n 12279151_10153490335499934_518473271886982925_n 12294644_10153490336344934_107210290822728691_n 12295309_10153490335534934_751287894126347024_n 12295392_10153490336479934_6511282465760214070_n 12295402_10153490335984934_4356507674185100337_n 12295437_10153490337609934_4959230312050152971_n 12295471_10153490336264934_5408597904286268417_n 12299137_10153490336024934_8424272349228018788_n 12299208_10153490336684934_3147265337091372027_n 12299392_10153490336364934_1123586492908717000_n 12308281_10153490335584934_2341079909322405881_n 12308320_10153490336654934_7833125313632376509_n 12308396_10153490336759934_4351792504757614265_n 12308434_10153490336899934_1310941988737698063_n 12308449_10153490336194934_7928898602088017362_n 12308537_10153490335304934_1199214640038728972_n 12308727_10153490335904934_3929932495105205625_n 12308740_10153490336214934_7350507870943595691_n 12310628_10153490335759934_6494262912360358084_n 12310686_10153490336579934_4726708600005255176_n

I mean, what is with that fake, cheesy smile?!?!!??!

Poor Heather.

Matt Dery is the “Marlins Man” of Twin Peaks, The Tilted Kilt and Tito’s Vodka. We’re only missing Dery photographed with a Hooters waitress. Oh wait, I found one ……





After this fairly tame and most tongue-in-cheek Thanksgiving Day blog was posted, one of Dery’s friends, Craig Feldhandler, decided to contact me through a private Facebook message and call me a “pussy” and a “girl.”

Here is the screen-shot evidence of that exchange …

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 4.43.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 4.47.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 4.48.10 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 5.08.25 PM


I do have to hand it to Feldhandler, though. At least he defended his friend. Unlike when Dery refused to tell Terry Foster that I was not a racist when the five-tool imbecile called me one on Twitter a few years ago.

Ya know, for making Jewish jokes about Michael Rosenberg. When I am Jewish.