Everyone knows I’m an asshole. The point is that they’re assholes.

All-Star Break Mossisms

By Jeff Moss July 12, 2011 DetroitSportsRag@gmail.com  There are only 19 shopping days until the Major League Baseball non-waiver trade deadline and Tigers owner Mike Ilitch is about to be put to the test. For all the talk that Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland are on the clock (and rightfully…

Sports Radio Mossisms

By Jeff Moss July 8, 2011 DetroitSportsRag@gmail.com  Since I recently returned to my journalistic jihad at the DSR, I have received some emails and Tweets about when the site would start commenting on local sports radio again. When am I going to go after so and so or when will…

Wednesday Morning Mossisms

By Jeff Moss July 6, 2011 DetroitSportsRag@gmail.com  What do "Humm Baby", Alfredo Figaro, The Doors, Swedish automobiles, Moby Dick in comic book form and Edward R. Murrow have in common? They are all included in Wednesday Morning Mossisms™. (more…)

Independence Day Mossisms

By Jeff Moss July 4, 2011 DetroitSportsRag@gmail.com  "This town needs an enema.” – The Joker I am so sick of the Detroit sports media in this pathetic ass city and the lemmings (Detroit sports fans) who gobble up their tepid garbage on a daily basis with a spoon. (more…)

Tuesday Morning Mossisms

By Jeff Moss June 29, 2011 DetroitSportsRag@gmail.com  What do racist Republicans, the Man in Black, Albert Finney, Lynn Henning, Pizza! Pizza! and Pete Rose have in common? They are all a part of Tuesday Morning Mossisms™. (more…)

Leyland’s Latest Temper Tantrum

By Jeff Moss June 25, 2011 DetroitSportsRag@gmail.com  Well, It didn't take long for Mt. St. Leyland to erupt again. Just weeks after going on a rant when questioned about Tigers fan's negative reaction to Rick Porcello getting pulled in Pittsburgh, Cancer Stick once again lost it before Friday's game between…

Mossisms: NBA Draft Edition

By Jeff Moss June 21, 2011 DetroitSportsRag@gmail.com  I am going to preface this article with the following caveat: I don’t know a damn thing about the upcoming NBA draft. I have no idea if Kyrie Irving is the next Derrick Rose or the next Jay Williams. (Shit, I actually thought…