Mossisms: NHL Draft Edition

By Jeff Moss June 19, 2011  This Friday the NHL will hold its annual entry draft in Minneapolis and as usual, the Detroit Red Wings will be selecting near the end of the first round. This year they have the 24th pick to be exact. And for the first…

Mossisms on the Light Side

By Jeff Moss June 17, 2011  And now to end your work week, here are Mossisms™ on the Light Side. And as always, if you would like to substitute Mostaccioli with Palmina sauce for spaghetti, there will be a $4 upcharge. (more…)

Monday Afternoon Mossisms

By Jeff Moss June 13, 2011  This has been the day I have been ruing since I decided to bring the DSR back from the dead™ (Zombie Jew Christ.) The day where I really have nothing to say, but felt compelled to write an article anyway to provide fresh…

A Very Special Mossisms

By Jeff Moss June 7, 2011  What do TMZ, Pita Cafe, Uncle Ned, Titus Pullo, the Fox Sports Detroit Girls and the Michigan House of Representatives have in common? They are all involved in a special episode of “The Mossims™.” (more…)

Sunday Mossisms

By Jeff Moss June 5, 2011  Since my latest triumphant return from being journalistically frozen in carbonite, I have devoted entire columns to the Wings, Tigers and Lions. I have basically avoided the Pistons for two reasons. (more…)

What is Mike Ilitch Thinking?

By Jeff Moss June 2, 2011  On Thursday afternoon the local media gathered at the Palace with the expressed intent of getting inside the head of new Pistons owner Tom Gores. The reporters wanted to know what kind of owner Gores would be. Most importantly, would he put championships…

Memorial Day Mossisms

By Jeff Moss May 30, 2011  So last Sunday I was sitting at home watching the series finale between the Detroit Tigers and the Pittsburgh Pirates. For the first eight innings I was in full support of my hometown team as one of my favorite current Tigers (Rick Porello)…

Hard Knocks Mossisms

By Jeff Moss May 22, 2011  It shouldn’t come as a surprise. As a matter of fact it was just the opposite. You didn’t expect the Detroit Lions organization to actually give their fanbase what they overwhelmingly wanted, did you? (more…)