New Detroit Sports 105.1 Rumors: Station Not Flipping


By Jeff Moss
May 3, 2016

On the late, great Garry Shandlings groundbreaking late-night TV talk show satire “The Larry Sanders Show,” the eponymous star of the program would always enter a commercial break with the phrase “No flipping!”

Well, based on recent information leaked from the Greater Media compound in Ferndale it would appear that the executives in charge of Detroit Sports 105.1 have taken Sanders’ catchphrase to heart.

Over the last month or so the rumors that the failing sports talk station would be flipping formats this summer began to gain traction. We were told by one source that the Detroit Pistons had started shopping around to see where they could land if WMGC-FM decided to abandon their all-sports format.

(One of the sources spreading the impending doom rumor could have had an axe to grind though, as this person had a connection to former 105.1 employee Matt Dery. By the way, I was also told that when Dery was fired, he attempted to sabotage the station by badmouthing his former employer to current advertisers.)

And it’s not like the speculation that Greater Media would dump sports talk was implausible considering the rotten ratings that channel has “enjoyed” since its launch back in August of 2013.

In fact, here are the miserable 105.1 numbers from the second week of April in the demographic of 25-to 54-year-old MEN ….

Sean BaligianTom Mazawey and Marc Fellhauer: 1.7 (16th in market)

Ryan Ermanni and Rico Beard: 4.4 (9th in market)

Dave Shore and Lindsey Hunter: 3.3 (14th in market)

Overall Station: 2.4 (18th in market)

These numbers are horrid, people. This is a SPORTS station that still, after almost three years in business, cannot attract MEN. How many analogies can I make regarding this situation?

Ok, here is one more.  Imagine you’re a young, good looking African-American rapper or basketball player but you can’t get a KARDASHIAN to give you the time of day.

That’s how pathetic those numbers are. This is an FM station that should be CONSISTENTLY in the top five with males 25 to 54. It’s your damn target demographic, for Christ’s sake.

Anyway, I have been told that program director Shore’s days are numbered. In fact, I would be shocked if he made it through the month. There have been rumblings that his current staff are bewildered with his “plan” for the station — a lack of any direction whatsoever.

And based on the information the DSR has gleaned, management is on the verge of pulling the plug on the Dave Shore Experience.

What happens next? It would appear that Greater Media has two choices. Hire another out-of-towner like Shore or former PD Jason Dixon — a plan that has obviously worked FLAWLESSLY — or make the call to Pittsburgh and bring Gregg Henson back home.

Someone stop me if you’ve heard THIS story before….

I have no clue what Greater Media’s intentions are, but if Henson does return there sure won’t be many dull moments around there parts.

Or to quote another castmember of the “Larry Sanders Show” ….

Hey Now!!!!