My Rebuttal to Chris McCosky

By Jeff Moss
November 3, 2007 

Well, those wacky editors at the Detroit News are back at it again. The brilliant minds behind giving that talentless, incoherent, uncreative Dana Wakiji a forum, decided to hand a weekly column to Chris “Officer Barbardy” McCosky.

So now the clueless Pistons beat writer has a weekly article to bitch about things that are bothering him. And in predictable “Officer Barbrady” fashion, he debuted his new column with an attack on bloggers.

And for new readers of the DSR, the nickname for McCosky goes back a few years when I dubbed him Barbrady because of his total cluelessness to anything going on with the Pistons that wasn’t spoon-fed to him by one of the members of the organization.

You see, Officer Barbrady is the police officer on the cartoon “South Park.” The cop who couldn’t find his dick if it was in his right hand. And everytime I watched the keystone copper on the animated hit show, I pictured McCosky butchering another huge Pistons related story.

For the first few years of this website we unmercifully attacked this dumb bastard for a variety of reasons.

So when he got his FIRST chance to actually write about something OTHER than Rodney Stuckey’s hand injury, he took his shot at THIS website.

And the douchestick can generalize bloggers as a whole all he wants, this was clearly a veiled attack at me and the DSR.

(Please remember, this is the same insecure human paraquat who attempted to confront me at a charity event for freaking Leukemia.

I was quietly minding my own business, trying to raise some money to fight cancer and this insecure hothead had his radar out for me.

Knowing what an absolute ticking time bomb Barbrady happens to be, his fellow Detroit News employee, Bob Wojnowski, lied to him and told McCosky that he didn’t know where I was.

Even though I happened to be sitting ten feet away at the time. You know, because Wojo probably didn’t want a brawl breaking out at his CHARITY EVENT FOR CANCER!)

Barbrady has had it out for bloggers ever since he got caught with his pants down in May of 2003 when he emphatically wrote in the paper that there was no chance in hell that Pistons head coach Rick Carlisle was going to get fired.

When this website broke the story that Carlisle was in fact on his way out (through a source close to Joe Dumars), McCosky discredited us as Internet wackos.

We all know what happened next. Carlisle was fired and the stupid ass beat writer of the Pistons looked like a fool.

So did he give the “bloggers” credit for breaking the huge story? Absoulutely not.

Instead he continued to attack the DSR and NEVER acknowledged that he had been scooped by an attorney and an insurance appraiser.

The attacks from this site continued when just minutes before the Pistons acquired [Human Piece of Excrement] Wallace in a deadline deal in 2004, he insisted that the team HE COVERS FOR A FUCKING LIVING wasn’t even close to making a trade.

I could go on and on about all of the stories that OTHERS have broken about the team while he has been on the beat, but what do I know? I mean, I just took some journalism classes in college and didn’t dedicate my life to writing boring and bland recaps of the latest Pistons-Timberwolves game.

Yes, I love it when “journalists” play this card that only they can report the news. Like they are fucking heart surgeons or something.

Hey Chris, in college I must have missed that journalism class on being a lapdog for team management.

Maybe the class was called “Take Whatever Joe Dumars and John Hammond Say As the Gospel and Spew It In My Paper 101.”

And if you don’t believe me that you are too close to the team you cover (being an insurance appraiser and not a journalist), maybe you would listen to the many fellow co-workers of yours who share the same damn opinion.

Oh yeah, I can give you a list of all the employees of the Detroit News and WDFN who have told me this privately.

I am not going to do that here, but if you are desperate to confront me (as you claim real journalists do on a daily basis), I will be more than glad to embarrass you to your face with that list of REAL journalists who think you are a total joke.

Oh yeah, and those same “friends” of yours have told me what a little insecure bitch you really are and how you can’t take any sort of criticism. That is a good quality in a reporter.

And do you really think you are as good a writer as me? Are you that delusional? I have more talent for the written word in my left testicle than you have in your entire body.

But you know what; I got a real wake-up call in my first journalism class in college.

A professor who I greatly respected told me that any journalism graduate could expect to get their first job writing obituaries in Alpena and could expect to make less money than anyone else with a college degree.

At that moment in time I realized that I liked eating Ruth’s Chris filet mignon’s soaked in butter.

And if I followed my “dream” of writing sports for a living I wouldn’t have enough money to eat that sizzling steak not to mention there wouldn’t be a Ruth’s Chris in Alpena, Escanaba, Cheboygan or any other small town where I might get my start.

And I love your theory that there aren’t any reprucussions for being wrong if you are a blogger.

Well there is this thing you should be familiar with that occurs when you write something that isn’t accurate. It is called losing your credibility, something for which you should get a trademark or some sort of patent.

And what is your obsession with bloggers writing their stories in their basements while wearing pajamas?

Did you learn your craft from Todd Jones?

For the record, I don’t own a pair of pajamas and I live in a tri-level without a basement.

In McCosky’s diatribe he goes on to say, “reporters at legitimate news sources work hard to deliver fair, accurate and pertinent information.”

This is a man who works hand in hand with Rob Parker, Terry Foster and Lynn Henning and he has the chutzpah to make that comment?

I guess Parker taking $5,000 from Joe Dumars to bail himself out a bad book deal only to repay him by blowing him in the paper every chance he gets is Barbrady’s idea of journalistic credibility.

And can someone explain to me what is pertinent about Foster’s articles regarding his son, “Little B”, getting picked on at the bus stop?

Did I miss that class in journalism school also?

The bottom line McCosky is that you are an embarrassment to the same profession that you are trying desperately to defend.

You are EXACTLY the reason that readers’ are trying to find new avenues to get information on the Internet.

You have no talent, you aren’t creative and you get scooped by people who do this shit as a hobby.

And seriously, how long have you been a beat reporter? You know, that enviable job of following the Pistons around in the dead of winter and checking into the Milwaukee Airport Ramada Inn at one in the morning.

I think Milton Waddams from “Office Space” has a better shot at getting a promotion than you. Fucking dead-end job loser.

And for a second let me address your assertion which I referenced above that, “If we rip somebody in an article, you best be sure most of us will confront that person the next day and take whatever medicine we need to take.”

I have tried to contact you REPEATEDLY. I have sent you various emails over the years addressing some of the shit that I have written in this article.

I attempted to confront you on WDFN when you were badmouthing this website and you obviously pussied out like the fucking chump that you are.

I have left messages for you at telephone number (313) 222-1489. You know, the number that is included at the bottom of all your articles. YOU HAVE NEVER RESPONDED TO ANY OF THOSE MESSAGES EITHER, YOU FUCKING CUNT.

You are a gutless wonder who attacks bloggers for remaining in the shadows, but you do the exact same thing. Except maybe when you have a little liquid courage at a Lymphoma event.

Shit, I am so depressed that I didn’t take that job taking classified ad calls at the Zeeland Sentinel so I could write Arbitron rating articles about the Detroit sports radio stations like JoAnne Guntner, errr, I mean Gerstner. Oh wait, she got that idea from this website.

You are a dying breed, McCosky. People want fresh ideas and articles from varying perspectives and a degree in journalism is the last requirement this new generation wants.

There is a reason that the nation’s newspapers are falling apart and readership is going down. Look in your goddamn mirror and you will be looking at one of the primary culprits in the downfall of your profession.

Go fuck yourself you insecure, talentless, piece of wasted human flesh.