My Email to Lynn Henning

Mr. Henning,

Back in the 1990’s, Dave Dombrowski was the General Manager of the Florida Marlins. You might recall that Mr. Dombrowski won a World Series with that team.

Early in Dave’s regime, he began dating a woman named Karie Ross. The problem was that Ms. Ross worked for Channel 4 in Miami and covered the Marlins as part of her job assignment.

There was an appearance of impropriety since Ms. Ross was dating the Divot Chinned Goofball at the same time she was COVERING his team as a REPORTER.

I can only imagine what was going on between Ms. Ross and Mr. Dombrowski during their early dating period. I am guessing a lot of heavy petting and a variety of different sexual positions. I can only imagine that Mr. Dombrowski would perform cunnilingus on the former ESPN anchor and if he is anything like me, some salad tossing was involved.

Yet, with all of those bodily juices being exchanged between Ms. Ross (now Ms. Ross-Dombrowski) and David, I can find no evidence that Ms. Ross ever let their sexual relationship interfere with her duties as a sportscaster.

Which begs the question. If Ms. Ross could remain impartial while Mr. Dombrowski was thrusting his manhood in Ms. Ross’s nether regions, what could Double-D possibly be doing for YOU?

I mean, it isn’t like the woman who gave birth to David’s children ever broadcast a piece about Dave becoming the Commissioner of Baseball. And to my knowledge, Ms. Ross didn’t do a live remote after a playoff game pondering the question of who will be NEXT SEASON’s closer just hours after THIS SEASON’s closer blew the biggest freaking game of the year!!!!!!

I don’t know man, if I was Karie Ross-Dombrowski, I’d probably want you as far away from my husband as possible.


Jeffrey Moss