Miguel Cabrera Takes Justin Spiro’s “Fire Leyland” Sign

DSR Correspondent Emeritus, Justin Spiro, spent this evening at the Tigers/White Sox game in the front row behind the away team’s dugout.

Before the game, Justin was displaying his “Fire Leyland” sign to the crowd, Tigers players and Cancer Stick himself.

Out of nowhere, the man who is going to finish second in the AL MVP vote (Miguel Cabrera) yanked the sign out of Spiro’s hands and put it under his arm while signing autographs to random Hispanic people.

Miggy was actually a good sport about the whole thing and gave Spiro back his sign.  Although, he did fold it up and put a crease in it.

Stay tuned to the DSR as we hope to have a full play-by-play of Spiro’s three day protest of Jim Leyland’s existence including a breakdown of his THREE ejections from US Cellular Field.

Here is the video of the exchange including Spi asking Miggy if he likes it when Ryan Raburn and Don Kelly play in a pennant race.

(Update: 12:11am: Emaciated Grossness’ son, Patrick Leyland, chimed in on Twitter regarding Spiro’s signage: “ah you must have made that in arts and crafts today.  Outside of the lines a little.”)