Lynn Henning’s Latest Crush


By Jeff Moss
November 10, 2014

Truth time. I am an obsessive user of Tweetdeck on my laptop. It’s a great way to follow all of the Detroit sports media members on Twitter who block me plus I can schedule Tweets for when I am at work or otherwise occupied.

Actually, a lot of the Tweets you read of mine are scheduled hours earlier. Especially the ones that are spamming my articles and blog posts. This works out perfectly 99% of the time. The one exception is when it comes to Lynn Henning.

Ya see, if you plan for a Tweet linking an article about something asinine that Henning said at 1 o’clock for 7 pm there is an excellent chance that the Detroit News writer will do something even more idiotic during the six hours in between.

And that is what occurred this evening. Between the moment I awarded “The Deacon” today’s Moronic Media Quote of the Day and the time my scheduled Tweet was to post, the news broke that “Go Soak Your Head” Lynn placed Tigers third baseman Nick Castellanos third on his AL Rookie of the Year ballot.

Of course, it was the only vote that Castellanos received because the other voters aren’t fucking lunatics. Lynn’s ballot read like this:

1) Jose Abreu, White Sox
2) Dellin Betances, Yankees
3) Nick Castellanos, Tigers

Yes, Henning place Nick C. ahead of Matt Shoemaker (who finished second), Yordano Ventura, Collin McHugh and Masahiro Tanaka, among others.

Now, keep in mind that Castellanos’ WAR in 2014 was MINUS POINT FIVE. In other words, Lynn Henning thinks a guy who didn’t even play at a replacement player level was the third best rookie in the American League this season.

Local product Shoemaker helped pitch the Angels into the postseason with a 3.o4 ERA, a 3.26 FIP and a WAR of 2.1.

McHugh posted a 2.73 ERA, a FIP of 3.11 and a WAR of 3.3 for the Astros.

Incredibly, they were on the positive side of the Win Above Replacement ledger!!!!!

Just how lousy was Castellanos this year for the Tigers? Well, my fingers are tired from typing so I will hand this off to’s fine baseball scribe, David Schoenfield …….

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 8.13.00 PM

Yep, thanks mainly to Castellanos’ awful defense at the hot corner, the Tigers’ third base position was the weakest link in ALL OF BASEBALL.

3.7 wins.


And Lynn Henning rewarded that with an AL Rookie of the Year vote. I shit you not.

What is most amazing about Henning’s man crush on Castellanos is that he completely ignores Nick’s defensive shortcomings (-30 defensive runs saved!!!!!!!!!!!), yet he constantly bagged on Jhonny Peralta over the years for the shortstop’s perceived weakness in the field.

Who can forget all of the times that Henning tried to run Peralta out of town — even though Castellanos makes Jhonny look like Ozzie Smith in the field — for DANNY WORTH!!!!

The hypocrisy is absolutely startling. Not to mention that Peralta is actually a quality defender if you look at the metrics!!!! I am pretty sure that based on Lynn Henning Math, Nick Castellanos would have to hit .865 to counterbalance his defensive liabilities.

I am going to go out on a limb and guess that Castellanos will be the final player this offseason to appear on an awards ballot with a WAR under ZERO.

Of course, we still haven’t seen John Lowe’s votse yet.

This fucking website is becoming a full-time job.