The Secret Reason Connor Cook Fell So Far


By Jeff Moss and Mihir Bhatnagar
May 5, 2016

Before the NFL Draft, the DSR staff spent weeks trying to convince the public that the whispers about Connor Cook falling in the draft due to personal issues was not just baseless speculation by some “haters.”

While Sparty Pravda members Graham Couch and Joe Rexrode were trying to minimize this omnipresent story, DSR Managing Editor Justin Spiro was attempting to warn our readers that this issue was real and it was going to cost Cook a lot of money.

One of Spiro’s national sources told him that part of the reason that Cook was going to fall was because the NFL really delves into the background of potential QUARTERBACK draftees’ fathers.

Whether you think that is appropriate or not doesn’t matter. We were told that NFL executives believe there is some correlation between how a QB pans out and their sire.

And before MSU fans run out to kill the messenger, here is the old condominium of the Sparty basher who was reporting all of this ….

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Yep, Spiro really has it out for ol’ MSU!!!!! Anyway, speaking of shooting the messenger, there is a reason I am telling you all of this today.

You see, Cook’s dad — Chris Cook — appeared on our radar over the last 48 hours. Now, keep in mind we were already being told that Papa Cook’s personality was somehow deflating his son’s draft stock.

When Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News wrote a very sensible piece about why Connor fell to the fourth round instead of going much earlier like many had predicted, the Lions beat writer was savaged by Spartan Nation.

(And while I am not here to debate the merits of that article, I will tell you that I know for a fact that News writers have to jump through hoops to post a story when using anonymous sources.  There is a ton of scrutiny involved before a decision is made to run an article like Josh’s. And yes, that’s Joff Myst defending the Detroit News.)

And who was chief among Katzenstein’s critics? One Chris Cook …..


Yep. Katzenstein was scum because he posted an article about Chris Cook’s son that Chris Cook didn’t like. So the guy who most likely contributed to his son losing hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars during draft weekend wasted no time proving to everyone what a loose cannon he is.

Around this time, I figured that a simple look into Chris Cook’s Twitter account would reveal more nuggets of gold.

So I assigned the DSR’s Postdiver-in-Chief, Mihir Bhatnagar, the task of perusing Chris Cook’s Tweets for anything offensive.

(Poor Chris Cook is going to hate it when he finds out that a “foreigner” helped with this takedown.)

Anyway, here is the racist, homophobic and horrendous grammar we found in @ChrisCook90’s Twitter timeline:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.42.24 PM

Welp! Can’t imagine why the Browns passed on his son …. like 52 times!!!!! Also, I hope the Raiders don’t consult Connor’s father on future personnel decisions.


This was directed at MSNBC talk show host Rachel Maddow. Directly. I only hope Rachel does a segment on her program about Connor’s precipitous fall in the draft and spotlights this horrifically homophobic Tweet to her audience.


Pathetic foreigner? I guess Chris Cook’s family tree exclusively consists of Native Americans. 


Good advice he gave to the recently fired Curt Schilling. Probably gave Connor the same sage wisdom.


Oh my lord.


Good to know!!!!


This guy really doesn’t like MSNBC!


Never gets “you’re” and “your” correct. Like, ever. Also, this was a Tweet at an opposing player who applied a late hit on Cook’s son.

And here are some more garden variety awful Tweets from this psychopath:


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And one Chris Cook ReTweet for good measure …


After I went on a Twitter rampage this afternoon highlighting all of these toxic social media missives, I was contacted by a source who stated it was well known around East Lansing that parents of other athletes had made it clear to MSU officials that they DID NOT want to sit near Chris Cook during games.

But don’t worry, there is someone whom Chris Cook does like in the media …..

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.47.51 PM



And now I will leave you with a sound bite from Chris Cook’s favorite columnist …..