Hey Mom, Don’t Call Tom For Rape Opinions


By Jeff Moss
May 30, 2016

What is it with this town and sports media personalities not understanding that blaming women for being the victim of rape or sexual assault is really not a great idea? Or being dubious of their motivations for making said accusation, for that matter?

First, dweller of Middle Earth Mitch Albom went on ESPN’s “Sports Reporters” and stated that he’d be more inclined to believe Jameis Winston’s rape accuser if she would have given the lawsuit settlement money she received from Florida State University to charity.

Then we had former Detroit Sports 105.1 host — and current huckster of some parenting pyramid scheme called “Love and Logic” — Matt Dery saying the alleged sexual assault victim of Peyton Manning looked “a little loose.”

You’d think those two cautionary tales that were first reported by the DSR before the shameful stories went national would have cured local media members from saying anything insensitive or moronic about sexual violence.

Well, you’d be wrong!!!!!

Because on Friday, Tom Mazawey — co-host of 105.1’s morning show — completed the trifecta of obtuse victim-blaming remarks when discussing the recent Baylor football rape scandal.

At first, Mazawey puts partial blame on the girl for leaving a bar at 2am with a football player by basically stating that if you return to a man’s dormitory at that hour, you should EXPECT that sex is going to occur. Regardless of whether or not it is consensual.

Here is the first asinine clip from the former concierge to the elderly:

Alright, but don’t leave .. don’t leave the bar with a person late at night and you drank and you drank and you are going back to a dorm. Don’t, don’t expect good things to happen. Don’t go back to someone’s dorm when you are drunk and expect something to not happen …. What are they going back to watch TV? If you want to stay out of trouble … don’t do that …. Don’t think that these girls aren’t informed and know what they are talking about prior to doing any of this .. I am just saying don’t leave a bar at 2 in the morning and go home with someone … to a dorm … Don’t expect to play tiddlywinks.”

So Mazawey is basically saying that you should NEVER, EVER go back to a man’s domicile after having some drinks unless you want to have sex. That once you ‘put yourself in that position’ it is a signal to a man that you want to fuck?

Do I even need to go into a long dissertation on why this is extremely offensive, wrongful and absolutely dangerous thinking? It’s one thing to advise your daughter on the perils of potential date rape — not unlike telling her not to leave her purse sitting in the front seat of her car in a bad neighborhood — but to make this type of statement AFTER THE FACT is despicable.

(And as my social media friend Tanya Edwards of Yahoo.com told me a year ago, how about dads giving similar speeches to their sons about … ya know … NOT raping women?)

To their credit, Marc Fellhauer and Dennis Farrell (filling in for a vacationing Sean Baligian) tried to throw Mazawey a life preserver by veering the discussion into a very reasonable direction with JoAnna Tuttle, who was the only female on the microphone.

After four minutes of relatively sensible conversation, Mazawey can help himself no longer and blurts out the following:

“All I am saying if don’t put yourself in these situations … I am just saying stay away from it .. stay away from those situations. “

How about a man shouldn’t have sexual relations with a woman half his size after being told no? Enough with perpetuating this “BLAME THE VICTIM” mentality.

You almost have to hear the entire clip leading up to this Mazawey exclamation point of ignorance for the context of how dumb this dude is. So here it is ….

And when called out on his horrific take on Twitter, did Mazawey either apologize or claim he got carried away? Nope, he dug in his heels.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.44.48 PM

“Those situations.” As Louis CK once included in his standup act, “those situations” include pretty much any instance where a females engages with a male.

We really should start placing wagers on who will be the next Detroit sports media member to show us his ass on the subject of sexual assault.

I’ve got Pat Caputo on July 4th.

And my final advice to Mazawey? Stick to attempting to cut a few bucks off a septuagenarian’s Comcast bill or detailing cars instead of discussing these sensitive topics.


I am sure that call from Buzz Knight will be coming at any second now.