Graham Couch Digs a Hole Big Enough For Genocide Victims


By Jeff Moss
January 19, 2016

It’s not often that I am left speechless, but a series of INSANE Tweets today from Lansing State Journal Michigan State athletics reporter Graham Couch almost did the trick.

Let me first start this out by saying I don’t think Couch is a racist at all. I just think he is really, really, really dumb.

I don’t even need to provide a summary of what Couch said on Twitter as I will let him hang himself with his own words ….


This is something you just can’t say. Unless you have a long history of bagging on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately for Couch, his explanations of his original thesis only made things worse. Much, much, worse …..


Oy vey …..


Please stop, Graham. For your own sake ….


I made the following points in rebuttal to Couch’s tone-deaf inanity …

  1. Why is MLK Day the only national holiday where white people say things like, “kids should be in school learning about …” the subject of the holiday? Children are in school for nine months of the year. That’s plenty of time to learn about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and many other notable African-Americans.
  2. How did we ever learn about this nation’s independence since we were at barbecues and fireworks on July 4th?
  3. We haven’t EARNED the day off? What the hell? How did we “earn” Columbus Day? Killing off a nation of Native Americans? Have we earned Memorial and Veterans’ Day since we continue to send the poorest among us to fight pointless wars? Nope, but we need to “earn” the black dude’s holiday!!!!
  4. Couch is basically saying that we can’t take MLK Day off until racism is eradicated. Seems fair.
  5. Suburban districts only take it off to be PC? I give up.

There has been some discussion of me appearing with Couch during my weekly segment on 92.1-FM in Lansing. I will agree to this only if Ryan Schuiling provides this bumper music coming out of the break ……