Audio of Bizarre Lou Whitaker Interview with MLB Radio Network


By DSR Staff
January 5, 2014

On Friday afternoon, Hall of Fame-worthy former Tigers second baseman Lou Whitaker joined Jeff Joyce and Jim Bowden on MLB Radio Network’s Inside Pitch for an interview.

The short session was extremely awkward. The pair quizzed “Sweet Lou” about his former teammate, Hall of Fame-eligible pitcher Jack Morris.

Whitaker started off by stating that Morris “probably” should gain entrance into Cooperstown. Whitaker then labeled Morris a “stud” before strangely comparing the Tigers’ former ace to Jimmy Key of the Toronto Blue Jays.

When the duo asked another Morris-related question, Whitaker appeared to let the world in on his true opinion of Morris’ ability …..

“Wow, you going to Lou Whitaker’s mind now ..uh … yeah .. trying to get in my head, huh? Trying to be the best? Jack Morris was no better than … Alan Trammell .. Lou Whitaker … uh .. if we didn’t make the plays and if we didn’t come up with the big hits Jack Morris wouldn’t be where he was or is.”

When Joyce and Bowden decided this interview was going nowhere, they started to say goodbye to Lou, which elicited this reaction from the second baseman …..

“You don’t have too much conversation going on here do you … hmmm.”

Wow. We have heard the Iron Sheik and Beetlejuice give more lucid interviews. We aren’t sure why Bowden and Joyce let Lou off the line, as this could have been radio gold.

Anyway, if you want to hear the craziness for yourself, you can click on the following link. Just hit play.

He’s Sweet Lou
He’s as bad as can
And he knows
He’s the best

[Thanks go out to DSR reader Travis Perdue, also known as Fryman IUPUI, for providing us with the audio.]

You can also get the audio by clicking here:

Lou Whitaker’s Bizarre Interview