Upheaval at Channel 7

Before I post this article I should note that my attorneys are still waiting for a response from WMYD-20 regarding my demand for damages from the station for their breach of contract regarding the DSR on TV Show. And without being indemnified for damages the DSR incurred by the sister station of WXYZ-7, litigation will commence.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I have some inside information regarding some of the recent news coming out of the Broadcast House in Southfield.

On December 4th, longtime news anchor Stephen Clark announced that he would be retiring from WXYZ at the end of February. Clark provided a long explanation on his Facebook page on why he was choosing to retire after 16 years at Channel 7.

Clark explained that he wanted to pursue a music career in Nashville and spend more time with family …

And while nobody would question Clark’s desire to spend more time with a granddaughter suffering from health issues, that was not the reason for Clark’s exit. The DSR has learned that Clark was forced out at WXYZ and retirement at this fairly young age wasn’t his choice.

Why was Clark pushed out? Well, we have been advised that the station’s ownership — E.W. Scripps Company is aggressively looking to sell both Channel 7/20. Hey, maybe the new owner will put me on the air!!!!

To make the station look more attractive to potential buyers, cutbacks are being made and Clark was the first shoe to drop. Other exits are supposedly imminent.

But that isn’t the only major upheaval about to take place at Channel 7. Only two days after Clark’s “retirement” announcement, news broke that fellow anchor Malcom Maddox had been placed on administration leave for alleged sexual harassment.

And not only was Maddox suspended, Reverend W.J. Rideout III — pastor at Our God’s People Church in Detroit — accused the station’s VP/GM Mike Murri of covering up the sexual harassment allegations made by a co-worker of Maddox.

The DSR has learned that it is just a matter of time before Murri is shown the door at WXYZ.  Which is pretty humorous for any fan of this website, as I was told by an industry insider that the decision to kill the DSR on TV Show was Murri’s.

Because what is more offensive, me going on the air and making fun of Lynn Henning and Chris McCosky or a GM at a TV station allegedly telling a victim of sexual harassment to “respect her boundaries” and “readjust” to a new job assignment

More information when it becomes available …..

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