The Lions Keep Embarrassing Themselves Off the Field As Well


By Jeff Moss
September 23, 2016

This isn’t an article that will document the last 59 years of football futility in Detroit. I am not going to bring up the fact that the Lions franchise has won ONE postseason game since 1957.

Hell, I am being charitable so I won’t even mention that the second best player in the history of the moribund organization is currently dancing while dressed as STEVE URKEL on an embarrassing ABC reality show. While within shouting distance of the prime of his career. While performing with a disgraced Olympian. And a little person.


And no, this blog post isn’t even in reference to the ridiculous nonsense that occurred Tuesday when the asinine “Jim Bob Cooter for President” movement commenced at Lions practice …..


Well, I guess if Donald Trump can run for President — a man who was once, under sworn testimony, accused of raping his wife — Jim Bob’s criminal history probably wouldn’t be an issue, either.


Damn. This Presidential stuff must be the real deal. Jim Bob’s already pulling strings to make arrest records DISAPPEAR. That’s some next-level Frank Underwood shit right there.

Nope. This article is dedicated to the humiliating video that the Lions organization posted on their website about ten days ago. The team’s multimedia “journalist” (her words, NOT mine) Tori Petry actually thought it would be a good idea to rip off CBS late-night host James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” gimmick.


If you aren’t familiar with that bit, the rotund comedian gets in a car equipped with video cameras and sings songs with celebrities like Michelle Obama and Adele.

So Petry had the brilliant idea to swipe this idea from Corden and perform an NSYNC song with Sam Martin.  Why the team’s punter decided to agree to this abomination is beyond me. Maybe he thought it would replace this video at the top of “Embarrassing Moments in Sam Martin’s Life” on a Google search.


(Sorry, Roger Goodell won’t allow me to embed a video from on my website so you will have to click that link above to watch Martin’s TEN-YARD punt in the Lions’ postseason game against the Cowboys. If you can stomach it.)

Anyway, before I could make a copy of Martin and Petry performing a duet of a BOY BAND tune in a Ford (product placement!!!), the clip disappeared from the Internet.


This probably occurred for one of two reasons:

1] Someone in the organization realized this was ridiculous and decided to pull the plug before their shame went viral.

2] CBS, Worldwide Pants and the people from the “Late Late Show” ordered the NFL and Lions to remove the video because it was a clear copyright infringement of their proprietary bit.

I am guessing it was #2 since the franchise clearly has no dignity whatsoever.

Anyway, I went on the DSR Podcast (which you are hopefully listening to right now whether you chose to or not) and whined that I failed to capture this audio/video before it got removed from

I made a plea to anyone listening to this week’s show to PLEASE send me the video if they somehow copied it before it mysteriously disappeared.

And luckily, one of my loyal followers found it. And we have a portion of this garbage saved for posterity. Here it is ….

Holy. Shit.

Ya gotta be kidding me.

Enjoy it while it lasts though, folks. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a cease and desist at any minute from either CBS or Rob Burnett and I am ordered to remove the clip from this site.

But I will always have this greatness in my own personal collection.

Oh, am I still punching downAlan Stamm from Deadline Detroit?????

Bye, bye, bye … for now.


(Ok, call me a liar.)

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