The Detroit News is Now Trying to Force Terry Foster Into Quitting


By Jeff Moss
February 23, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, this website broke the news explaining the REAL reason why the Detroit News demoted Tom Gage and replaced him with Chris “Officer Barbrady” McCosky on the Tigers beat.  In a cost-cutting measure, the paper is trying to force Gage into retirement by taking his gig away from him.

You see, the journalists’ union is too strong for anyone to get fired without cause but that doesn’t mean the publisher and managing editor can’t attempt to make Gage miserable by refusing to allow him to write about baseball. The union is powerless to stop internal reassignment of duties.

It’s like not having the balls to dump your girlfriend so you just cheat on her, stop cleaning up after yourself and cease using deodorant until SHE dumps YOUR ass. This plan hasn’t worked on Gage as it seems he is intent on sticking around in spite of both Jonathan Wolman and Gary Miles.

Now the paper has moved on to fresh meat. The DSR has learned that the paper is trying to force Terry Foster into severing his relationship with them.

Yep, the noted five-tool imbecile and 97.1 talk show host has been at the News for almost 27 years but he has been mostly absent from the paper since the “Valenti and Foster” radio program started over a decade ago.

You could go weeks without seeing Foster’s footprint in the newspaper and it was absolutely bizarre that he was still employed there. A couple of months ago, a source told me that the paper would LOVE to get rid of him but their hands were tied because of the union.

Well, it appears the News overlords are now making their play against Foster as they gave him an ultimatum …. either take the gig as Pistons beat reporter (replacing his former PROTÉGÉ, the departed and awful Vincent Goodwill) or be terminated.

This is hilarious. According to multiple sources, Foster is absolutely LIVID that he was forced into this role in order to keep his lucrative News job. His bosses at the daily know he can’t possibly cover the Pistons beat and still do a four-hour daily sports talk show on WXYT-FM. It’s impossible.

Not to mention that Foster has a daughter at West Bloomfield High School and a son in middle school. The LAST thing he wants to do is spend his days in airports and his nights at some Milwaukee hotel waiting to cover Pistons-Bucks.

The News has this moron in a vise and they are applying pressure. Sooner or later, Foster will have to make a decision about his future and you’d have to believe that will mean quitting the paper.

It gets better, though. In 2012, Foster had the audacity to tell the DSR the following about his responsibilities at the News.

I talked about quitting the News and the publisher said I am too valuable and they worked out a deal where newspaper would not conflict as much with radio

The publisher said he was too valuable? Hahahahhahaa. What a pathological liar. You were insulated by your union and now the paper is turning the screws on ya, Terry.

African-American Ralph Kramden — who has fallen for every “get rich quick” scheme known to mankind (Foster’s Smokehouse, Mariachi’s Cantina, etc.) — was willing to walk away from a check at the paper? He expects us to believe that?

Welp, it doesn’t appear the News is genuinely concerned about your radio conflict since they just made it next to impossible for you to keep doing both.

Which means, for the foreseeable future, we are going to get this sort of dreck as the paper’s Pistons coverage.

Yep, Foster actually wrote a column on Sunday stating that small-forward Tayshaun Prince somehow didn’t deserve to be traded to the Pistons and that the Boston Celtics should have bought him out of his contract instead of acquiring assets for him and reducing their payroll in the process.

The man who played on the 2004 NBA title team and provided us with The Block deserves better. The Celtics hinted that they were going to release Prince, who is on the last season of his contract but who many feel will retire after the season. He played the good soldier, played some of his best basketball of the season, and then got slapped in the face by the leprechaun, general manager Danny Ainge.

Let’s forget for a moment that the man who demanded Cam Newton issue an apology for calling Ndamukong Suh “Donkey Kong Suh” just labeled Danny Ainge a “leprechaun”. Who the fuck does Terry Foster think Tayshaun Prince IS????

The man has never been an All-Star. He has never been an MVP candidate. He has never been considered anything remotely close to a superstar. His calling card is defense yet he has NEVER been selected to the All-Defensive first team. And Basketball-Reference has Prince’s probability of getting elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame at .001% — which is approximately .001% too high.

Neither the Celtics nor, certainly, the Pistons owe this dude ANYTHING than to pay him the very generous $7.2 million he is making this season.

Prince is now a table scrap. The Celtics used him to save money. Now the Pistons are using him because they believe he can help them make the playoffs — not win a title. Prince could be in the hunt for a title with the Clippers. But it appears as if he will not get his chance. And it is a shame.

Can someone pay me over SEVEN MILLION to be a table scrap?!!?!!??

Since starting the season at 5-23 (B.J.S.W.R.), the team is 18-10 (A.J.S.W.R.) and currently riding a two-game winning streak after defeating two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. The team will almost certainly make the playoffs for the first time in six seasons and the Palace crowd gave Prince a standing ovation yesterday and chanted his name at the end of the game.

So, Prince is making an obscene amount of money and playing basketball in front of an adoring, nostalgic crowd and Foster labels this a SHAME?!?!!?!?

At what point did every veteran player in the NBA earn the right to a fucking buyout? If Prince so badly wanted to end his career with the Clippers his agent should have told Ainge that the Celtics could have bought him out for a dollar. But Prince wanted to have his cake and eat it too and, considering he is a worker bee and not some former superstar, he is getting his just desserts.

This is not right. But what choice does Prince have but to report to the Pistons? If he does not then he is a rich and spoiled, unappreciative athlete, although I believe he was led to believe he would be freed by the Celtics.

If he does report then he will play a lot and maybe get into the playoffs only to be smacked around by Toronto or Atlanta in the playoffs.

The inmates are now running the asylum, folks and they even have dolts in the media who are assisting them in this lunacy.

You almost have to wonder if Foster was writing this column about the big bossman treating the lowly employee unfairly as a statement regarding his OWN situation with his newspaper employer.

But I would hope even Foster isn’t THAT dumb. This moron had a free ride at the News for the last ten years as they were basically paying him to stay away. Well, now they’ve had enough and are backing him into a corner.

What are you gonna do about it, T-Fos?

Maybe Tayshaun will return the favor and pen a piece about your plight in Derek Jeter’s Players’ Tribune.

Hahahhahhaa. This is go great. Oh, and if you think I am all wet and my sources are wrong about Foster being extremely pissed about his sudden change of job description at the paper, read his blog from four months ago regarding the subject.

It was very difficult being a beat writer and the toll of being on the road wore you down. I cannot tell you how many 6 a.m. wakeup calls I had after covering a game. I often did not walk into the hotel until 1 in the morning. The turn around was nutty. There are so many stories that I am sure I could write a book about it. I just don’t know who would buy it.

Sometimes I did not know where I was. I get the urge to hunker down for a season and grind it out during an 82-game season. However, I have this other gig called radio which prevents it. And I now have a family that does not want me on the road two to three nights a week.

It was fun to wet my appetite. It is also great to be returning home.

I am fucking loving every aspect of this!!!!!

Only Mike Valenti is probably having more fun with it.

So ….. let me summarize this for you. The News took away Gage’s beat to try to get him to quit. They forced Foster to take the Pistons gig to try to get him to leave. Meanwhile, as DSR contributor Justin Spiro put it:

Poor Tony Paul. Guy would murder puppies to get a beat job at The News. Terry Foster is given a beat job as a power play against him.

What an institution.

[Noon Update: This story gets even more humorous by the minute. It appears that Tayshaun can’t stand Foster! The following is from Pistons beat writer David Mayo with a hat tip to Jason Broniak:

“Did anyone hear what the reporter asked Prince when he said ‘don’t ask me that question’?

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.54.23 AM

Foster is out there idiotically defending a guy who hates his guts. I can’t stop laughing. ….]