Terry Foster is a Pathological Liar and Also … Still Really Dumb


By Jeff Moss
January 10, 2014

Some of you out there believe I am “obsessed” with Terry Foster. It’s not true. I am obsessed with stupidity, lying, hypocrisy and horrid sports takes.

Well, after typing that out, I guess I am guilty as charged. Look, when Foster stops telling untruths and spouting the worst sports takes known to mankind, I will stop bashing him on this website. In other words, when one of us drops dead.

Honestly, I am no more obsessed with Foster than David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel are fixated on Sarah Palin. You go where the content is — and Foster is a goddamned reservoir.

So what did the imbecile do this time to draw my ire? Well, he wrote a blog for his websight™ (Terry Foster) on Thursday about the new Michigan Offensive Coordinator, Doug Nussmeier.

What initially had me interested in this horrid piece was Foster’s constant misspelling of Nussmeier’s name. It wasn’t that big of a deal that this dolt couldn’t bother to “Google” the proper spelling of his subject’s name, but it was worth a Tweet or two mocking this buffoon.

Trust me, if Foster had ONLY spelled Alabama’s former OC’s name “Nussmeir” repeatedly,we wouldn’t be here right now. Unfortunately, Foster never learned the lesson from “Watergate” that it’s ALWAYS the coverup.

Anyway, after I bombed the jackass on Twitter for criticizing the hiring of a guy whose name he couldn’t even spell correctly, some of my minions messaged the 97.1 “personality” on the social media platform to tell him it was spelled “Nussmeier” and not “Nussmeir.”

Here is a screen grab of the article in its original form ………


Clearly, you can see that Foster misspelled the coach’s name each time he mentioned him.

This led to Twitter banter between African-American Matt Prentice and one of my fans ….

“I didn’t change anything.”

“I did not touch a thing.”

Why lie about something so insignificant, especially when it could be proven in approximately two seconds that you aren’t telling the truth? I guess it’s because Terry Foster is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

Here is a screenshot of the Foster article as it currently appears on his site …..


“I didn’t change anything.”

“I did not touch a thing.”

I guess that every instance where Foster misspelled Nussmeier’s name magically edited itself without the barely-literate author doing anything about it. EXCEPT, of course, in the third-to-last paragraph, where Foster let the mistake fester.

“I didn’t change anything.”

“I did not touch a thing.”

What a fucking liar. But, it gets worse. Much worse.

Another one of my devotees actually went to the trouble of posting a “Comment” on Foster’s blog that “The Truth” didn’t spell the OC’s name right.

Foster’s blog is set up so that ONLY Foster can authorize comments to actually appear on his page. If you make a comment, you have to wait for the doofus to read it and then “approve” your post.

So, take a look at this screenshot from “Colin” ……..

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 7.22.25 PM

As you can see, “Colin’s” comment was awaiting moderator approval.

Terry, come one, man. You’re better than this. The guy’s last name is “Nussmeier” not “Nussmeir”. Please do some editing before you post.

Clearly, Foster read this comment and deleted it because it doesn’t currently appear on his blog. After getting this heads-up from “Colin,” Foster obviously went and edited his horrible article.

“I didn’t change anything.”

I did not touch a thing.”

Why would anyone believe ANYTHING this guy has to say? If this was the first time the DSR caught this lunatic red-handed, maybe it wouldn’t be much of a story. But this is a constant pattern of deceitfulness.

And all over what? Because he can’t admit that he misspelled a proper name?!?!??!??

And Nussmeier/Nussmeir-Gate totally obfuscates (look it up Terry) the awful CONTENT of Foster’s post.

Foster makes many horrid points in his “article,” (including a straw-man argument that Nussmeier might not be a good hire because a few rednecks in Alabama are happy to see him gone) but his pièce de résistance is his final take:

Now that Michigan has made the next move in trying to catch Ohio State and Michigan State it now needs to make another change.

Let the Sugar Shane Morris era begin.

Yep, Michigan should bench their fifth-year senior for a sophomore with 47 career pass attempts.

So U of M can compete with OSU. Even though in his last game against the Buckeyes, Gardner THREW for 451 yards and accounted for FIVE touchdowns.

Against his school’s biggest rival.

I am curious, has anyone in the history of football LOST their starting gig AFTER throwing for 450-plus yards and five touchdowns in his team’s biggest game of the year??!!!?!??!!?

Not to mention, part of the reason that Al Borges is out and Nussmeier is in is because Borges struggled all year trying to figure out a way to utilize Gardner.

I am not sure why I am so worked up by Foster’s asinine Morris/Gardner take. Some commenter will probably tell “Liar Liar” that it was a moronic position and he will quickly edit it out.

And then deny he ever wrote it at all.

“I didn’t change anything.”

“I did not touch a thing.

[Update: After completing this post, Foster published another blog.  This article detailed the torment T-Fos suffered when deciding to vote Peyton Manning or Charles Woodson for the 1997 Heisman Trophy.

In the end Foster cast his ballot for Woodson.  And what was the final deciding factor?

“I finally chose Woodson because he won a national title and changed things on the field in ways I’d never seen a defensive player do.”

The only problem with this latest fabrication is that Woodson didn’t win a share of the national championship until January 1, 1998.  The Heisman Trophy was awarded on December 13, 1997.  19 days EARLIER.

So unless Foster had a 1984 DeLorean with a flux capacitor, Foster had no clue who was going to win the national title when he turned in his ballot.

You know why I voted for Ronald Reagan over Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Presidential Election? Because Reagan freed the Iranian hostages.  Wait? What?!?!?!?

Foster then goes on to tell a story about how Peyton Manning asked him the next summer who Foster voted for in 1997.

And if you believe that occurred, I have a Smokehouse in Fraser to lease you. Have you met my friend, Ryan Thierry?]