Ryan Schuiling Wants To Infiltrate Bill Simonson’s 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Inner Circle

Earlier today I was either banned, suspended or put in timeout on Twitter. While Nazis are allowed to Tweet out pictures of mass graves at Auschwitz to taunt Jewish users, I was put in a corner over this message …..


“Douche bag”. “Tool”. Wow, those are real daggers. Anyway, I hopefully will get the @JeffMossDSR account back or I will rebuild my follower base in some other way. I’m not sure why Hitler supporters, white supremacists and the President are allowed to Tweet out whatever garbage they want but Poor Joff Mess gets banned for comparing a moron to a feminine hygiene product.

Oh yeah, the person taking responsibility for my banishment is some guy named Shameek Mohile. He writes for the fanboy blogging site PistonPowered and if you are wondering how he became so adept at cheerleading ……

Rats. I never did have much luck with West Bloomfield High School cheerleaders now that I think about it.

I will save my response to Shameek! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated! for another day if I choose to give this guy another ounce of thought, but the point of this article is a response to this …..

….. and this …..

and this ……

I have warned Schuiling numerous times that if he continued mentioning my name or behaved in a passive-aggressive manner towards me I would nuke him. Well, we are at Defcon 1.

You might remember that I used to appear every Monday on Schuiling’s low-rated sports show in Lansing. I was the only draw on that program. I would post my appearances on this website and one “Monday’s with Moss” segment would get more clicks than he had actual listeners to his show.

A weekly spot that I stopped doing when I found out that Schuiling was a Donald Trump supporter.

Schuiling originally contacted me because he wanted me to do his dirty work on his nemesis Bill Simonson — an oafish buffoon who worked with Schuiling in Grand Rapids at the time and who was indeed a worthy DSR target. And I was more than happy to carry out Schuiling’s marching orders because Simonson was a huge pile of dung who needed to be exposed.

But the lengths to which Schuiling went in an attempt to get Simonson fired were unprecedented.

“I don’t usually pander for people to follow me …..” but I am going to go ahead right now and beg you to do so because there is no other way I can contact you other than through this email account. Where. We. Are. Already. Communicating.

I had already unfollowed the guy because his account was insufferable but I figured I didn’t want this Simonson spigot to dry up so I acquiesced.

And if you think THAT was a road map to fuck with Simonson, you haven’t seen anything yet …..

Like, he provided me an entire list of the guy’s sponsors. Keep in mind that at the time he was begging me to go after Simonson’s advertisers, Schuiling WAS WORKING FOR THAT STATION!!!! He was trying to sabotage his own employer for personal gain because he wanted to replace Simonson. Real team player, that one!!!!

Poor Jemele Hill.

Here’s a good one attacking Denny McLain on February 17, 2015 ……

…. and then he “disingenuously” had him on his show as a repeated guest afterwards ….

Umm …. ok.

And the dipshit who thinks I should be banned for life from Twitter also thought that I could revolutionize sports radio in Detroit …..

“As always, your input and read on the situation is valued highly.”

Said the guy who Tweeted THIS today …..

Just in case you needed a reminder.

Eventually Schuiling was let go by WBBL in Grand Rapids — maybe they found out he was trying to sabotage their revenue stream — and landed in Lansing. Where he had me on as his FIRST GUEST …..

And trust me, I am the same Jeff Moss that I always have been. Except that in November of 2016 I disassociated myself from Schuiling because I wasn’t going to use my audience to promote a man who voted for a sex offender for President of the United States.

But back in Lansing, Schuiling still wasn’t done with his Simonson obsession …..

And it went on and on ….

… and on and on …..

… and on and on and on …..

… and on and on and on and on ……

….. and on ……

To the point where he had his GIRLFRIEND place fliers on a WBBL vehicle at a live remote ….

And the girlfriend — who we will get to later — was extremely supportive of her man …..

Seriously ….

Read this next back-and-forth and keep in mind that the guy voted for TRUMP ……

….. yet he compares his arch-nemesis to the man he wanted to have possession of the nuclear football.

Robert John Bardo was less obsessed with Rebecca Schaeffer.

And then there was the time I went after Graham Couch for one of the gazillion idiotic things that fool had to say, putting my weekly appearance on the “Schuiling Report” in jeopardy …..

That last email was a message to his boss where I was blind copied.

And here is an email from Schuiling less than a month prior to the 2016 election — after I had made my position on Trump supporters known to the guy — in which he shares Simonson’s poor ratings with me …..

And I am sorry for burying the lede, but here is by far the best Schuiling message.

Yes, that is Schuiling trying to figure out a way to infiltrate Simonson’s TEENAGE daughter’s circle of friends. And to what end? I don’t even want to know. And for the record, that exchange was not with ME. It was with another DSR personality.

Keep in mind the dude trying to figure out a way to ingratiate himself with a 17-year-old step-daughter of a radio enemy is the same guy on the dial every afternoon playing the White Knight to the survivors of Larry Nassar.

I wonder what Lindsey Lemke would think of that exchange.

It ended with Schuiling writing this …

What a hero of women. He also suggested to the same college student that he should try to fuck Howard Stern personality Jon Hein’s daughter who attended U of M with this kid ….

And as I mentioned previously, it wasn’t just Schuiling Who was obsessed with Simonson. His girlfriend also jumped in on the act ….


And there are a lot more where that came from as well.

By my calculations, the hits keep on coming.

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