Red Wings Blogger Sells Out to Datsyuk’s Mortgage Broker


By Jeff Moss
August 15, 2016

I have had an internal policy at the DSR for the last couple of years not to pick on Red Wings blogger George Malik. Not that there isn’t plenty of material to work with, but I understand the guy has endured depression issues and I didn’t want to pile on after my original takedown of his work from January of 2014.

Not only I have I refrained from criticizing Malik, I even donated some money to his fundraiser last year when he was trying to procure enough money to cover the Red Wings’ training camp in Traverse City. 

But I cannot ignore what Malik pulled last week in a move that compromised his credibility even more than his constant defense of the Ken Holland regime over the years — which basically led to the Wings’ GM naming Malik his favorite blogger.

Malik participated in a “Q & A” with Pavel Datsyuk’s mortgage broker agent Dan Milstein on Milstein’s agency blog and it appears the diminutive businessman has hired Malik to work on his website. And Malik “participated” in this piece in the same way hostages partake in those ISIS videos right before they get beheaded.

The questions that Malik allegedly asked Milstein were so ridiculous and over-the-top that it bordered on parody. They made Sean Hannity interviewing Donald Trump look like Mike Wallace quizzing the Ayatollah Khomeni by comparison.

Here is a sampling and I promise I am not making this shit up ……

Gold Star Sports Management Group, one of the companies operating under the Gold Star Family of Companies’ umbrella, is one of the more well-known top emerging sports management agencies and one that boasts an impressive clientele –including Pavel Datsyuk. How has Gold Star Sports Management been able to rise to the top so quickly when others have been trying to reach your level for decades?

Reach your level? Rise to the top? I am pretty sure that Milstein’s stable of clients includes a guy who is now playing out the end of his career in the KHL…and Alexei Marchenko. I mean, Milstein seems to have two more clients than Arn Tellem. And Tellem had to dissolve his agency when he became the Vice Chairman of Palace Sports & Entertainment.

And you definitely have the business piece. I know you’ve set the finance and banking world on fire with innovative strategy—and parlayed that off-the-charts success into a string of best-selling books. Would you say you’re breaking with tradition in sports management as well?

Conman Kevin Trudeau used to face tougher questions when he’d produce those “Larry King Live”-esque infomercials.


Your passion for advocacy really comes across when you talk about those you represent, especially the young prospects. Do you relate to some of the struggles they face, given your humble beginnings?

You’re obviously a self-made man, and I’m sure no stranger to challenges yourself. It must be gratifying to give a ‘hand up’ to those you know have what it takes.

You’ve obviously built great leadership within the Gold Star Family of Companies. Can you tell me more about the team of player advisors you’ve assembled with the sports management group – why you chose them — and what they bring to the table?

Kim Jong-Un would be too embarrassed to feature this dreck on his PRK-run media platforms.

It is hard to determine what is most offensive in all of this but I will limit it to the following three options:

A) That Malik would prostitute himself out to a man who celebrated Datsyuk’s backstabbery of the Red Wings on Twitter on the day #13 announced he was abandoning Detroit for Russia.


B) That Malik would promote this “interview” on his own blog without disclosing the fact that he was being PAID by Milstein to toss batting practice.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.09.39 PM

C) That Malik thought his audience was so fucking stupid that they wouldn’t immediately question what Malik was thinking by asking these RIDICULOUS questions.

I am not sure this is a defense of Malik or not, but I can’t fathom that he actually even asked those questions. I am guessing that Malik posed similar queries and then Napoleon Milstein spruced them up with additional fluffery before posting them on his website.

Either that or Milstein just handed those questions to Malik and told him to ask them. Actually, this doesn’t seem to be much of a defense of Malik at all.

Now, this situation was pretty fucked up from Jump Street but it actually got worse when the Winging It In Motown site posted an article about the situation on Friday.

Because instead of just issuing a complete mea culpa and announcing that he would have no further association with Milstein after this debacle, Malik compounded his mistake with his social media responses to the controversy.

First, he basically just admitted that he was a whore ….

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 12.06.11 AM

“It pays the bills.” So does selling heroin to children. You want to pay the bills, GET A JOB AT MEIJER!!!! What you can’t do as a blogger is compromise your integrity. How the hell can ANYONE read ANYTHING Malik writes without wondering about the motivation behind it?

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 11.55.00 PM

Controversial topics? Malik thinks this article was attacked and ridiculed because it involved CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS? No, dummy, it became an issue because you made Tim Twentyman look like Sam Donaldson.

(Mike Wallace. Sam Donaldson. It’s sad that I basically have to go back to the last century to give examples of media members who asked tough questions.)

And then it appeared that Malik became indignant with the writer of that Winging It In Motown blog post I mentioned earlier ….

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 11.53.58 PM

Is this fucking lunatic serious? You go on your blog and link to a propaganda piece for a dipshit wannabe and you get UPPITY when someone writes about your sellout without bringing it up to your face?????

Character assassination? You committed character SUICIDE by getting into bed with this sleazeball. And your reaction to the fallout was to post that you needed the cash and then ya got pissy with someone who called you on the carpet for this journalistic malfeasance?

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 11.52.43 PM

Yep, the man who participated in this farce — and who posted a link to it on his blog — actually told someone else they had “no integrity.”

I mean, even Terry Foster knows that he has to use the “Advertisement” hashtag when getting paid by Comcast to pimp their Xfinity service on Instagram, but Malik didn’t know he HAD to come clean about his financial relationship with Milstein before spreading that embarrassing marketing literature?

Get the fuck out of here.

I’d end this by stating that I am not sure how anyone could read Malik’s blog again after he sold his soul to Milstein, but I could have asked that question even before he did that AND then tried to defend his actions in the worst way possible.

Now I am depressed because I really wanted to leave Malik alone. But how was I supposed to ignore this subject?

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