While the drama unfolded late on Thursday evening as the clock approached midnight and trade discussions between the Detroit Tigers and Houston Astros ramped up over a potential Justin Verlander deal, the actual trade itself wasn’t the only major story.

The local print media’s behavior in covering the discussions between Houston and Detroit also took center stage with controversy on social media spilling over to Major League Baseball’s state-run television network.

And the botched coverage of the eventual trade by the Detroit News will probably not be forgotten by either baseball fans or the Tigers organization anytime soon. Here is what the DetroitSportsRag has been able to learn regarding Chris McCosky’s embarrassing performance Thursday night from both published reports and sources who’ve requested anonymity at this time.

Earlier in the day Thursday — with the waiver deadline nearing at midnight — the Tigers dealt outfielder Justin Upton to the Angels in exchange for a pitching prospect. This spurred intense speculation as to whether or not JV would finish the evening as a member of Detroit’s baseball organization.

Some genius predicted that Verlander would be gone, baby, gone at 4:43pm that afternoon ….

The same savant who predicted the eventual Verlander trade — almost to the penny — on August 5th.

Ok, now my back hurts so let’s get going on McCosky ….

At 11:15pm, McCosky (known around these parts as Officer Barbrady based on his striking similarity to the clueless cop on South Park) was first to report the Verlander to Atlantis deal was close, with JV waiving his no-trade status as a player with ten years experience in MLB and five with the same team being the last box to check.

A few minutes later, Officer Barbrady reported that the trade was not going to happen. McCosky sent out two Tweets reporting that Verlander had refused to waive his 10 and 5. He has since DELETED those messages, but, luckily, you have me around because I SAVED THEM for posterity.


Seriously, this lunatic deleted these Tweets to avoid scrutiny. An alleged journalist did this to escape ridicule.

Take a moment before moving forward and realize that a JOURNALIST tried to hide evidence of his awful reporting from the public. The Detroit News should FIRE him immediately for this act alone. Anyone can blow a story (as evidenced by McCosky’s three-decade history at the paper) but attempting to bury the evidence of your actions as a member of the Fourth Estate?

Absolutely sickening.

Hilariously, McCosky did keep ONE Tweet regarding the deal being dead visible for his followers and the general public.

Here it is ….

That Tweet, while wrong regarding the trade being dead, isn’t all bad for Barbrady. McCosky purposely didn’t delete this post because he had nailed the return for Verlander. They indeed did eventually acquire Franklin Perez, Daz Cameron and Jake Rodgers in return for JV.

From talking to two sources, it is my belief that the Tigers were leaking information about the potential trade to McCosky directly. And somehow, even though McCosky was being hand fed this report by Detroit’s baseball executives, HE STILL FUCKING BLEW IT!!!!!

If McCosky’s misreporting wasn’t bad enough, his false narrative led Lynn Henning (his co-worker at the News and a fellow psychopath) to go on a diatribe against Verlander for killing the deal to Houston!!!!

This is a Twitter tantrum that would make Donald J. Trump proud …..

And guess what? HENNING has since DELETED all of those Tweets as well!!!!! Honestly, what would you people do without the DSR?

(Well, they don’t appear on Twitter dot com any longer. Maybe Henning didn’t delete them. Maybe the website is just trying to protect the senile nitwit.)

So, let’s quickly recap. Chris McCosky falsely reports that Verlander had told the Tigers he would not accept a trade to Houston and then Lynn Henning tags into the ring and starts BOMBING the future Hall of Famer for not agreeing to the deal.

(Keep in mind for a second that Verlander would have been well within his rights to nix the trade. This behavior from Henning — questioning a guy for making a life decision that he clearly EARNED the right to make — was despicable. That it wasn’t even based on fact makes it even more repugnant.)

What we learned later that evening and over the past few days from national baseball writers like Ken RosenthalJon Heyman and Bob Nightengale was that Verlander NEVER said no to the Houston deal. He had advised Al Avila that his top two destination choices were the Dodgers and the Cubs. If neither of those two teams could offer a comparable haul to the Astros, he would then make a decision on going to Houston.

After midnight Thursday on the MLB Network, Nightengale (of the USA Today) insinuated that the Tigers brass were livid at McCosky for fucking up such a major detail.

We have since learned that two members of the team’s front office were positioned at Verlander’s Birmingham condo at the corner of Maple and Woodward in an attempt to obtain Verlander’s final approval on a trade that will now impact the future of the Tigers’ organization for years and years to come.

And while that tenuous dance was occurring in real time, McCosky and Henning were doing everything in their power to blow up the potential trade. Verlander is one of the savviest professional athletes when it comes to social media and you know he must have been witnessing the false McCosky report and Henning mental breakdown from his luxurious Birmingham pad.

Can you imagine if that bad information and narrative would have murdered one of the biggest trades in team history?

Well, Avila and the front office obviously had had enough of McCosky’s failure to transcribe basic facts so they leaked the news that the trade was official to McCosky’s counterpart at the Free Press ….. Anthony Fenech.


Now, keep in mind that Fenech had been NOWHERE on the Verlander trade story. Before dropping that bomb at 12:16am, he hadn’t Tweeted for FIVE HOURS.

This was clearly retribution from the Tigers’ front office towards Barbrady. You’re going to fuck us on a story and almost cost us a humungous trade? Ok. Watch while we give the biggest exclusive of the baseball season to your competition.

Furthermore, the Tigers hand picked Fenech to tell him the actual breakdown of what occurred on Thursday evening. He posted that article this morning on the Freep website.

And that story of what occurred on August 31st included this nugget ….

An absolute DAGGER to the heart of McCosky from the Tigers via Fenech.

But Henning and McCosky were not done embarrassing themselves. After everything I just explained to you, Henning had the chutzpah to Tweet this out on Friday morning …..



And McCosky even went a step further than his partner-in-crime at the News. He actually attacked his readers and followers, telling them if they didn’t like his faulty reporting they should shut the FUCK UP …..


Remarkably, those last two Tweets haven’t been deleted by these maniacs. Yet.

How the hell are they still employed at this point?

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