How Stupid Does 97.1 Think You Are?


By Jeff Moss
September 15, 2016

It’s should come as a surprise to no one that the folks running 97.1 “The Ticket” have little respect for their audience. I mean, just listen to their garbage programming. They employ Scott “The Virginal Manatee” Anderson and “Benedict” Douglas Karsch the Third, for Christ’s sake.

But WXYT-FM has a new program on their airwaves and the advertising for this show is absolutely insulting. And no, I am not talking about their new morning drive program …. “The Back Hair and Watching Paint Dry Show.”

No, I am instead referring to the station’s new Lions Sunday show called “Gameday Uncensored with Mike Valenti.” Now, everyone knows that 97.1 lost the Lions broadcast rights a few months ago to WJR after carrying the team for more than a couple decades.

If it wasn’t bad enough that 97.1 coyly named the show “Uncensored” as a suggestion that Valenti is able to freely speak his mind now that his station isn’t a broadcast partner of the Lions, CBS Radio hit us over the freaking head with a sledgehammer in the press release:


Are you fucking kidding me? “… the station has a new uncensored Sunday show where Valenti and other hosts break down the game — for real.”

For real?

For real??!?!

So what were you doing over the last EIGHTEEN YEARS while the team aired on your station? That wasn’t real? Was it all faked like a Christy McDonald orgasm?

Well, anyone listening to Jim Caldwell or Jim Schwartz get fed softballs during their weekly interview with the Whale would know that shit was fugazi at 97.1 when they were paying the Lions to air their games.

How dumb are these idiots? Do they not see they are telling their audience that they were compromised when the Lions were their broadcast partner?

We didn’t hear Valenti acting as the hard-ass whose job it was to hold the Lions to account PRIOR to the announcement of them jumping ship, did we?

And if you have an IQ higher than 80, how difficult is to make the leap that employees of 97.1 are STILL “censored” in regards to the Tigers and Wings?

You know, teams that are currently airing their games on 97.1.

Like, if Greater Media’s highest bid would have been recognized by Olympia Entertainment and the Tigers and Wings were currently broadcast on 105.1 instead of …..

….. would 97.1 be bragging today that their Tigers and Wings coverage is “Uncensored?????”

Nothing like issuing a press release stating that your coverage of the Lions over the last 18 years was compromised.


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