Helene Scarf James is an Ignoramus

If you ever needed further proof that the dipshits covering the Red Wings are clueless buffoons who offer no insight whatsoever and only live on suggested notes from team management, I am pretty sure I have the smoking gun for you this afternoon.

Earlier today, news broke through a Swedish media source that Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg stated he would probably retire before his contract ended in 2021. This is horrible news for the organization because of something called “recapturing” which was a term that arose out of the 2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

You see, back in the good old days, GM’s like Ken Holland tried to circumvent the salary cap by signing star players to a RIDICULOUS contract term and front-loaded those deals. For example, Zetterberg signed a 12-year contract for $73 million dollars with the captain only making a million dollars in both 2019-20 and 2020-21.

It was extremely transparent behavior by teams and very eager and cooperative agents so Gary Bettman stepped in during the lockout and retroactively put a stop to this behavior.

Hell, Z came clean on all of this in the Swedish interview:

“The reason we wrote such a long contract was because of the payroll. It is obvious that one tries to fool the system.”

Anyone who is a beat writer for an NHL should be well versed in ALL OF THIS. None of it is new. It goes back years. Keep that in mind when you read the Free Press’  Helene St. James’ take on this news …..

This is FUCKING INSANE. That The Scarf doesn’t even have rudimentary knowledge of the current CBA is malpractice. Your JOB is covering an NHL team for a living and you couldn’t even get this right? I’m an insurance appraiser by trade and run this website on the side as a lark and I immediately knew this Zetterberg news was potentially disastrous for the Wings.

I can’t overstate this. This is shocking ignorance of one of the basic tenets of your VOCATION!!!!!

Anyway, St. James must have been alerted by Twitter followers that she was a fucking imbecile because she then edited the piece. This is how she “fixed it” ….


That screenshot was from Prashanth Iyer who has forgotten more about the Red Wings than The Scarf will ever know. Even though, like me, this is a hobby to him as well.

Yep, it would be a fucking disaster. And as Iyer pointed out, the Wings wouldn’t be able to peddle Zetterberg’s dead cap space to the Coyotes. Of course, as I pointed out to the Good Doctor, that’s probably actually a GOOD THING. Does Jakob Chychrun have a younger brother???!??!?!

This is absolutely unreal to me. Whenever the Freep replaces Kevin Bull as sports editor, the first duty of the new boss should be to fire this ignoramus. Not only is she a total shill for the organization, she can’t even get the basics like THIS right.

Even when given two kicks at the can.

For fuck’s sake, this town is such a god damn joke.

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