Former WDFN Personalities Have UGLY Exchange on Facebook


By Jeff Moss
February 12, 2014

This summer will mark the 20th anniversary of the debut of the All-Sports Talk Radio format in Detroit. To commemorate the occasion, former staffers of WDFN-1130 will be having a party on July 11th.

Hopefully original on-air staff members Lary Sorensen and Ike “Mega Man” Griffin won’t both be attending this shindig because, based on the Facebook exchange they had yesterday, things could get really ugly between them

If you don’t recall, Sorensen is a former Major League baseball pitcher (he tossed three shutout innings in the 1978 All-Star game) who co-hosted The Fan’s morning program with Butch Stearns while Griffin (a former Michigan State defensive lineman) welcomed listeners into his Mega-Terrordome in the evening.


Well, after all of these years and various personal troubles (Sorensen was on pace for a record number of DUIs at one point and lord only knows what went down with Griffin), the two remained friends on Facebook.

Well, yesterday Griffin posted the following on his Facebook page regarding Missouri All-American defensive lineman Michael Sam’s decision to announce he was gay and Sam’s father’s reaction to the news…..

Ike Griffin: Michael Sam Sr. told The New York Times that he received the news last Tuesday when his son wrote in a text: “Dad, I’m gay.” Sam’s father took the news hard. He said he was eating at a Denny’s restaurant but had to leave after receiving the text. “I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks,” Sam Sr. told the newspaper. “I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment.”

Ike Griffin: wow a real answer—-

After Griffin praised Sam’s homophobic old man for leaving Denny’s for Applebee’s to get his drink on to wash away his “problems,” a female friend of Griffin’s wrote the following, “He doesn’t need him struggling…. He needs his father love & support…..”

That was met with this absolutely bigoted blast that is beyond comprehension:

Ike Griffin: No father would be proud to have a gay son…

Ike Griffin: Sam Sr., who described himself as “old-school,”–did you read that OLD SCHOOL NOT THIS NEW SCHOOL SHIT!!!!

Ike Griffin: He’ll come around just not today

Yep. This dolt went there. No father would be proud to have a gay son. Unfortunately, for this prejudiced imbecile, Griffin had a FACEBOOK FRIEND who WAS proud of his gay child. This is where Sorensen enters the picture.

Lary Sorensen: Mega, just be quiet if you choose to be ignorant.

Ike Griffin: Lary relax .. you must have knowledge on being gay. You are correct I’m ignorant to that.. My opinion doesn’t count in this case it’s between father and son.. If you are guy that’s okay with me Larry everyone needs love..

Ike Griffin: But I can post what a father really felt when he heard the news his son is gay..

Lary Sorensen: Ike I don’t care to expose your ignorance in public. If you want to post your email I will contact you privately. Really, you are calling me gay? best you got? Engaged for the second marriage after twenty four years in the first. But you can tell us how a father really feels when he hears the news his son is gay? That proclaims you have a gay son. Yes?

Lary Sorensen: I do have a gay child. A social worker in a major city working on a Masters in Social Work while working as a social worker in the inner city helping predominantly African American battered and abused woman to get their lives back together, helping to find jobs, get them to schools, helping with day-care etc… Does it matter if it is my son or daughter, both of whom you know? I am a proud father of both my children, the other of whom is in the second year of Law School and already has a job with a major international firm. So am I prouder of the lawyer or the child that has saved lives both literally and figuratively? Answer: I love my children with all my heart and support everything both of them do!!! I repeat, if you don’t know what you are talking about, do not feel compelled to say anything. To paraphrase “if people think you ignorant, remain silent, rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt!!”

Lary Sorensen: And , just for the heck of it, it is Lary with one “R”. You got it right it one out of three times, even tho it was written in the line correctly in the line ahead of your ridiculous accusation. Maybe you were just working on your legalize pot campaign, which I don’t necessarily disagree with, but one for three only works in baseball, big boy!

Ike Griffin: All I can say to that Larry. Is your son had to learn it somewhere. That’s to bad your son is Gay.. My son is a handsome graduate working and living in Dallas… He was raised all boy now he is all man… He never saw his dad do anything to give him that impression. .anyone who talks about how married they are usually are the down low guys. How do you raise a gay son.. He had to see it in the bedroom. Maybe when you were drunk and getting fired from all your jobs you had a drunken stupor and you son saw you. I Don’t know. But when you are an alcoholic anything is possible big boy…

Ike Griffin: Larry don’t fuk with me.. I live for asshole haters like you.. Keep it moving you and your gay wonder you drank…

Ike Griffin: I call you Larry out of respect for Moe and Curly. Not you.. Your mother must have been drunk too when she named you.. Larry is spelled L a r r y That would make you an alcohol baby which would explain your early love for beer.. And the root of being a drunkard.. Have you ever thought your son is gay because you are a drunk… Just an observation. . I’m just saying.. Dr. Phil would sum it up that way..

Ike Griffin: What’s next L a r r y … U feel good your gay son is helping black people.. Is that your way of saying what.. You racist bastard

Ike Griffin: I could care less if your son is a faggot or Michael Sam is gay.. It was a story that was trending.. You jumped in my world and show complete disrespect. That’s like walking in my house and show know respect… we will see each other one day…BET on it.. Be ready..

Ike Griffin: I don’t block people I verbal joust anyone who is an asshole like you Larry. .. Actually I enjoy it… You made my morning. .I had just finished my work out when I read the dumb shit you posted.. Have another drink. As far as cannabis you sound ignorant.. I got this out here drunk man… Maybe you should have been smoking instead of being a drunk.. You might be better off.

Ike Griffin: Mutha fuka. You can’t contact privately. . That’s like the Geico pig sending his address to a pig butcher… No let’s do this in the open.. I like this kinda party…

Lary Sorensen: Wow Ike, that is a sad rant. My mother? Really??? That’s the best you’ve got? No, you also worked in my alcoholism, which i freely acknowledge when I speak to youth groups, while also calling me racist and a bastard, neither of which are true either. My son is the lawyer and my daughter is gay. My son has lived with his girlfriend for 6 years while playing in the Tiger organization before starting law school.

Lary Sorensen: and when all else fails, you resort to “Let’s fight”. Brilliant resolution. You have proven the points I made earlier Ike. I have nothing further to say to you. Good luck with the rest of your life.

Ike Griffin: Rant..Please I said this is like my house and you walked in with complete disrespect. And like most white people I become the big black angry nigga who wants to fight. . Larry be more original than as usual. My man I’m in a good place you or nobody else can touch it.. I feel bad for you… Don’t feel bad for me.. I’ve never been stuck ..

Ike Griffin: I don’t ride luck Larry. . Obviously you do…
I’m praying for you man.. Sounds like you are in a bad place. .. In your world I’ll tell you good luck.. Let me know how that luck thing works out… Now climb back under the rock…and say goodbye. .

This is one of the most disgusting outbursts I have ever seen on Social Media between supposed “professionals.” While back in the day I did give Sorensen a ton of shit because I was afraid he was going to kill someone while drunk off his ass, using his car as a deadly weapon, he acquitted himself quite nicely here.

Griffin? Just copying and pasting his Facebook posts made my skin crawl. If his comment that no father could be proud of a homosexual offspring wasn’t bad enough, his disgusting public diatribe about his former co-worker’s alcohol problem made him a first-ballot inductee into the Piece of Shit Hall of Fame. Hell, he shouldn’t even have to wait out the five-year eligibility requirement with this trash.

Griffin is currently hosting a show named “Anything Goes” on something called VoiceAmerica, which is unfortunate. Anything goes? CLEARLY. Including calling someone’s mother an alcoholic.

I wish his career hadn’t completely bottomed out and he was still working for an ACTUAL radio station with an ACTUAL antenna because maybe, just maybe, Keith Olbermann would have made the Mega-Bigot today’s “Worst Person in the Sports World.”

And why stop there? This shithead might be the worst person in ANY world today.

And like most white people I become the big black angry nigga who wants to fight

What the hell does this even MEAN?!?!?? I don’t speak idiot.

And I thought there were going to be some uncomfortable moments at the WDFN 20th anniversary party between Lorna Gladstone and some of the old staff.

Actually, I am guessing after I hit “Publish” on this article, Ike Griffin will be as welcome at that 1130 affair as I would be.

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