Last week, former DSR managing editor Justin Spiro posted a podcast from his luxurious new home studio** featuring guests Chad Livengood of Crain’s and Motor City Muckraker Steve Neavling.

(** — The studio is so opulent and over-the-top that I have joked it’s the equivalent of a hack golfer purchasing a set of Titleist C16 irons and proceeding to shoot a 116 on a Par-3 course.)

I listened to this Podcast on the way back from Chicago yesterday and I highly recommend it to my audience. I am a big fan of both Neavling and Livengood and they share many great stories including a nugget from Muckraker regarding the Drew Sharp affair.

Livengood’s tic-toc of the Todd Courser/Cindy Gamrat scandal was also outstanding. (By the way, I fucking HATE the phrase “tic-toc.” People should stop using it. Especially Chuck “Sleepy Eyes” Todd.)

In fact, I am embedding the program in this article for easy access. The pair is that good. Unfortunately for you, your listening pleasure won’t be augmented with my mother bombing Spiro like I was treated to on the ride home.

Anyway, there is one story discussed in the Richard Bluedhorn-Stratton Show that isn’t exactly accurate and I want to clarify something that was said.

The DSR NEVER reported that Tony Paul didn’t get the Tigers’ beat writer gig at the Detroit News due to the Tigers’ influence. Here is what occurred to the best of my knowledge …

Chris “Officer Barbrady” McCosky was always going to get that gig. When Tom Gage was forced out by upper management, McCosky had already pled his case to the higher-ups that he wanted that job. He didn’t have the work ethic to compete with Dave Birkett and others on the Lions beat (his previous assignment) and made it known he had ALWAYS wanted to cover the Tigers. Mainly to give Detroit’s baseball team a daily rectal cleansing with his tongue. Which he has done like a good little bitch since taking over for Gage in 2015.

For some reason unknown to any human on this planet, publisher Jonathan Wolman had a soft spot for Barbady and made the call to give McCosky the beat.

Not that the above information should exonerate the Tigers. According to my sources, the following did occur …..

Tigers VP of Communications Ron Colangelo allegedly had a meeting with then sports editor Phil Laciura during which Colangelo bitched about Paul’s coverage of the team. Colangelo made it perfectly clear that the team DID NOT want Paul covering the Tigers on a regular basis.

And he hasn’t. Even when Barbrady has been on vacation or updating his Brad Ausmus shrine — like he was in recent days — the paper had people like Rod Beard covering the team. The number of Tigers games that Paul has covered over the last couple of years has been minuscule.

And I hear that the team has even complained about Paul’s coverage on the rare occasions when he has written about them from afar. And Paul isn’t some rabid dog spewing vitriol against the franchise.

Paul just calls it like he sees it. But he doesn’t fellate the team on a daily basis like his co-worker McCosky which is EXACTLY what Ilitch Holdings desires. And they have that in spades between Barbrady, Anthony FenechHelene St. JamesTed Kulfan and Ansar Khan.

So now you know the rest of the story™ (Paul Harvey). The Tigers did attempt to dictate which journalist a major daily newspaper would assign to cover their organization. But the request was unnecessary from Jump Street.

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